European Environment Agency (EEA)

Eionet priority data flows, May 2012–April 2013


Courtesy of European Environment Agency (EEA)

Overall approach for scoring

The evaluation of the overall country performance is based on simple scoring rules: for each data flow, the maximum score is 3 points and the minimum score is – 1 point (see the detailed evaluation criteria on pages 8–26 in this report). Scores from all priority data flow areas are summed up for each country and then expressed as a percentage of the country's maximum score. Maximum scores are country specific, as not all countries are involved in all data flows.

A result of 0 % means that no data have been delivered at all. A result of 100 % means that complete data sets for all areas have been delivered on time.

N/A means not applicable. Some data flows are only relevant for the 27 Member States of the European Union. Furthermore, some countries such as Austria are not party to the relevant marine conventions. Trend compared to the previous year In Table 1, the trend of country performance in comparison to the previous cycle is indicated. The arrows show the overall trend in the following:

  • Strong positive trend. Score has improved by more than 15 %.
  • Positive trend. Score has improved between 5 % and 15 %.
  • No clear trend. Score has changed by less than 5 %.
  • Negative trend. Score has deteriorated between 5 % and 15 %.
  • Strong negative trend. Score has deteriorated by more than 15 %.

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