EISC success at Clark county water reclamation district


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Client: Clark County Water Reclamation District (CCWRD) in Las Vegas

EISC recently provided an EDD Verification and Validation Software System to the Clark County Water Reclamation District (CCWRD) in Las Vegas.  This software system allows the CCWRD to automatically verify, validate, and report sub-contracted analytical data to Discharge Monitoring Reports (DMR).

Every day, more than 140 million gallons of used water and sewage from thousands of local homes, hotels, schools, churches and businesses makes its way to one of three treatment facilities in the Las Vegas Valley.  The CCWRD “Clean Water Team” is responsible for the largest of those treatment facilities and the CCWRD’s job is to treat, disinfect and reclaim our share of this massive amount of wastewater – 80 million gallons per day – and make it clean again so the CCWRD can safely return it to the environment.


The CCWRD had a series of obstacles to address.  First, the CCWRD needed to enhance the Data Integrity between sub-contracted laboratories to the CCWRD.  Next, the CCWRD needed to ensure Data Quality of sub-contracted Electronic Data Deliverables.  Last, the CCWRD needed to decrease the labor intensive process of reporting sub-contracted analytical data to Discharge Monitoring Reports (DMR) required for the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES).


EISC implemented an EDD Verification and Validation software system to seamlessly integrate sub-contracted analytical data into the present CCWRD laboratory’s process.  This was done by automating the EDD verification process.  First ensuring Valid Values were consistent with CCWRD’s.  Next, fundamental and holding time issues were reviewed and the EDD’s are checked for completeness.  Next, the EDD validation process notifies CCWRD personnel of any analytical Quality Assurance issues.  Quality assurance is done rapidly and immediate action may be taken based on the analytical data.  After the verification and validation steps the analytical data is then distributed to the proper Discharge Monitoring Reports.


The EDD Verification and Validation system benefits the CCWRD in numerous ways.  First, is speed.  The lab’s verification and validation of sub-contracted analytical data takes just minutes, versus hours.  Next, the complete process is automated, eliminating the possibility of data compromised by manual entry error.  Next, the rapid validation allows the CCWRD to quickly respond to any analytical issues or results.  Furthermore, the EDD Verification and Validation system is fully manageable by the lab staff with no need for lab IT involvement.  This allows the CCWRD to be proactive to the dynamic needs and requirements of providing a clean environment.

About EISC:

EISC is an international provider of application scientific software that allows analytical laboratories to immediately automate data quality assurance and increase analytical production on-demand.

Our software products provide a seamless, universal connectivity platform that automatically assimilates and summarizes dynamic analytical data into comprehensive analytical information throughout a variety of industries such as environmental, manufacturing, food, health and safety, pharmaceutical, waste management, water, nuclear, and air. 

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