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Ekokem offers a turnkey solution case study


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The operations of the pharmaceutical company Orion are highly regulated. In order to ensure patient safety, the quality requirements for production and waste management are high. Orion's partner in waste management is Ekokem.

Guidelines cannot be ignored

Orion's research, product development and quality control laboratories utilise a wide range of chemicals. Waste materials from analyses and expired chemicals are hazardous waste and special care and scrupulousness is required when working with them as they may constitute a health risk for the entire waste management chain. For this reason, particular attention should be paid to the right kind of protection, packaging, labelling, and to how the waste is handled at each stage of treatment. Special waste and hazardous waste require skilled personnel, precise sorting and safe packaging and transportation arrangements.

Ekokem offers a turnkey solution

To ensure the highest quality procedure possible Orion has chosen to partner Ekokem, which manages chemical waste from the laboratory on a turnkey basis. Ekokem collects waste materials from where they are generated and is responsible for sorting, packaging, labelling and transporting them up to and including their controlled treatment. The choice of a specialised and responsible partner enables Orion to perform its main function of ensuring patient safety, and  thereby excellent profitability as well. 'Our own standard, which is even stricter than that required by the regulations, leads to a better quality of operations. By doing things well, we perform better, more efficiently and with less wastage. Quality improves and this is reflected in productivity too,' says Iikka Keskinen, Director, Pharmaceutical Production.

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