El Monte Valley Recharge Project Final Feasibility Study

This project marks one of the first projects in California to explore utilizing highly purified recycled water to recharge a groundwater basin to provide a raised groundwater level for habitat restoration, and ultimately utilize the water to augment the local water supply. If implemented, this project could provide the precedent needed for other agencies to follow. HWD is exploring the use of highly treated, purified water to recharge the existing El Monte Valley Basin (located in Lakeside, California), raising the groundwater level to support habitat restoration, and extracting groundwater to help supply the R.M. Levy Water Treatment Plant (Levy WTP). Figure 1 provides a location map for the project. This project has numerous benefits to the local community including creating a recreational area for local residents, restoring natural habitat, improving the water quality in the El Monte Groundwater Basin, and expanding the local water portfolio by providing a new water supply. The study is complete and the HWD is evaluating implementation options.

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