El Paso community detoxification facility case study


Courtesy of Sprung Instant Structures Ltd

When the El Paso County’s Lighthouse Detoxification Facility was closed due to fund and staffing problems, hospitals started experiencing a major increase in patients needing detox services in their emergency rooms.

On February 23, 2009, Sheriff Terry Maketa presented a proposal to the board of County Commissioners and the citizens of El Paso County for the Sheriff’s Office to build and operate El Paso County’s first Community Detoxification Facility.

El Paso County selected Sprung structures as the product of choice, due in part to the engineered clearspan design of the Sprung tensioned membrane structure, the energy-efficient insulation system, as well as a dramatically accelerated construction timeline that would bring the facility online within a five-month period.

Construction on the Sprung structures began on June 29, 2009. The first phase project, the 11,313-square-foot corrections structure, was followed by a second phase project - a 70’ x 160’ Sprung structure for expanded use for El Paso County’s Correctional systems.

Divided up as a 9,652-square-foot ground floor, the corrections facility encompasses an assessment office, visiting rooms, rest room and shower facilities, and a housing area for 40 male and female detoxification clients, with additional space for future expansion. The 1,661-square-foot mezzanine level contains two multi-purpose rooms, a recreational area, employee break room and the detox supervisor’s office.

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