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  • Recycling areas: Tyre
  • Company name: ABC Recykling S.A.
  • Located: Śrem, Krosno Odrzańskie, Poland
  • Founded: 2001

ABC Recykling S.A. was acquired by Grupa RECYKL S.A. in December of 2013. The company was founded in 2001, and was then a part of Pump Storage Power Plants S.A. (PSPP), which was majority owned by the Polish government.

In the end of the last millennium, Eldan Recycling got an inquiry from Pump Storage Power Plants S.A. (PSPP) for a tyre recycling plant to be installed in Poland. Due to overemployment at one of their power plants, the company wanted to find new occupation for the additional staff. This environmental project resulted in a company called ABC Recykling.

Entering a new field

The first official meeting between PSPP and Eldan took place in 1999, and the discussion concerned the technical details of Eldan’s tyre recycling technology. At this time, the tyre recycling industry had not yet been “born” in Poland, and there was not back-up from legislation. In order to make the investment more economically safe, PSPP wanted to be able to process cable scrap in the plant as well, from time to time.

Additional adversities with being the pioneer within this new field were that ABC Recykling had to pay for the scrap tyres, and arrange collection and transport. There was no gate fee for receiving the tyres, nor subsidies from the state. Since the tyre recycling industry was non-existing in Poland at this time, so was the market for rubber granulate.

Since the scrap tyres often were located in large piles at scrap yards, it would be an advantage if it was possible downsize the tyres at site in order to ease transport.

Entering recycling

After Eldan won a public tender in 2000, ABC Recykling acquired two Eldan Mobile Super Choppers (SC1412T) and one Eldan tyre granulation plant (D4000T plant), in 2001. The equipment was mainly intended for processing tyres, but it was also prepared for cable recycling in campaigns.  The Mobile Super Choppers are each able to process car tyres at 10-12 ton/production hour, and truck tyres at 6-8 ton/production hour. The tyre granulation plant had a capacity of 4 ton/production hour producing 1-4 mm rubber granulate.

Mobility, and flexibility

Processing scrap tyres through the Eldan Mobile Super Choppers offer a different kind of Eldan flexibility. If necessary, it is possible to have the machines at the recycling facility – like a regular Super Chopper. It is also possible to put one or two of them at a site where there is a large mountain of tyres, and let it work there for a period of time. By using mobile Super Choppers instead of stationary ones, and processing the tyres into shreds at location, ABC Recykling was able to decrease the number of trucks they used for transport by up to 50%. The Super Choppers at ABC Recykling has during the past 13 years processed approx. 150.000 thousands of tone of tyres across western parts of Poland.

The Mobile Super Chopper is basically like a regular stationary Super Chopper, with two important features – it is placed on a truck trailer, which makes it easy to move, and it is hydraulically driven. According to customer requirements, it was mounted on a standard Polish semi-trailer, in order not to be forced to apply for any special permits for driving on public roads. Since it is hydraulically driven, the Super Chopper only need electricity from a diesel motor placed close by on the trailer, and can therefore be placed anywhere, without access to electricity.

ABC Recykling - a strong name within tyre recycling

“We have had a great cooperation with ABC Recykling and the former technical manager Janusz Sancewicz. They were the first large scale tyre recycler in Poland, and the good reputation we have in that market now is due to having a strong reference at ABC Recykling. We have invited many customers from eastern and western parts of Europe to see the site,” says Bjørn Laursen, Product Manager for tyre recycling at Eldan Recycling.

“The merger between RECYKL [Grupa RECYKL S.A.] and ABC Recykling bring the past and present tyre recycling market in Poland together. RECYKL is the largest tyre recycler in Poland at the moment, with established channels for tyre collection and logistics. ABC Recykling offer mobility and vital experience. This combination will take the tyre recycling industry in Poland to the next level,” says Tomasz Kajzer, Eldan’s representative in Poland.

“The equipment acquired by ABC Recykling in 2001 has been in production for 13 years, and is still running smoothly. Eldan equipment maintained properly are amazing machines which can last for a very very long time;” says Zbigniew Fleaszar, former Director at ABC Recykling. “We have taking good care of our equipment, continuously making small adjustments, in order to optimize production. Choosing to invest in Eldan equipment was the best decision we ever made!”

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