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Eldan Recycling introduces a system for processing of mining tyres


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The Eldan Recycling mining tyre recycling system can turn the huge waste mining tyres into reusable rubber granulate, powder and clean steel wire…

Eldan Recycling delivered and installed its first complete tyre recycling plant back in 1991 and has since then developed and optimised the process to obtain the best possible purity of the rubber granulate. Over 200 complete systems and additional single machines for tyre recycling have been delivered worldwide.

With the Eldan tyre recycling equipment you will be able to process whole car and truck tyres including super singles, earth mover tyres, OTR etc. De-beading of the tyres will not be required prior to processing in the Eldan recycling systems. The company uses a modular approach, which cover all customer requirements on equipment to process at different levels down the “recycling road”, i.e. production of shreds, chips, granulate and powder – all having their own platform within recycling. The various standard plants are “multi-size”, which give the customer total control over the production of a various range of output sizes. By a simple and quick change of the screen combinations in the machines a different range of output sizes is produced.

The output rubber purity is today very high. The typical rubber granulate purity in the standard systems is up to 99,9% free of liberated steel and textile. By adding a quality upgrading system it is possible to produce “black gold” - which is rubber powder up to 99,99% free of liberated steel and textile, and 100% free of metals, glass and stones. If desired the liberated steel wire can be further cleaned into a steel fraction which is 99% free from foreign material, as textile and rubber, and has a heavy weight density of +700 kg/m3.

Recycling mining tyres
In 2011 Eldan was faced with a huge problem to find a solution for; recycling of mining tyres. “We where contacted by a new customer, who had been searching for a solution to process mining tyres for a long time. By combining our tough equipment and our long proven technology, we presented a solution to the customer on which we did a very successful test run in the autumn of 2011” says Bjørn Laursen, product manager for tyre recycling at Eldan Recycling. “Since this first test run, word has spread, and we have received many quote requests from interested customers. We have once again managed to turn a huge waste problem into a cost beneficial business.”

The mining tyre recycling system can process mining tyres of typically 3-4 meter diameter and weight 4-6 tons per tyre, at a capacity of approximately 4-6 ton per production hour. Since the mining tyre recycling system is combined with the standard Eldan tyre recycling systems, the output can be decided according to the customer’s specific needs of output granulate size and quality.

The mining tyres are first handled and pre-cut by a heavy duty demolition shear into pieces which fit the in-feed of the Eldan Heavy Duty Super Chopper (SC-HD). This machine is especially designed to process voluminous and tough waste. In the Heavy Duty Super Chopper, the big pieces of mining tyre are processed into tyre shreds, and free steel wire is liberated and removed from the shreds by a powerful Overband Magnet. The tyre shreds are further processed in the Eldan granulation and separation plant. Depending on your specific requirements a high quality rubber granulate and clean steel wire can be produced.

Eldan Recycling A/S
Since 1956 Eldan Recycling A/S has been a leader in the on-going technical development of machinery and methods of making the recycling of for example tyres, cables and WEEE an efficient and profitable business. Eldan Recycling delivers both turnkey systems as well as single machines. The track record proves more than 730 plants and 7,100 single machines delivered all over the world. Part from the standard tyre recycling systems solutions for steel wire cleaning (steel fraction as clean as 98-99%), rubber quality upgrading (purity up to 99,99%) and further powder reduction (down to 0-50 mesh) is offered. Eldan Recycling A/S is one of the few companies - delivering equipment to the recycling industry - who has its own production facilities. This enables the information to be communicated quickly and accurately between the different departments, thereby ensuring the quality of the product and the flexibility of the production program. Eldan Recycling offer a complete package of services ranging from design and fabrication to delivery, installation and After-Sales-Service. For more information visit: www.eldan-recycling.com.

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