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Electric and magnetic fields as possible risk factors for human health

Modern society is exposed daily to electromagnetic fields (EMFs) generated by home/environmental human activity. The question of the possible risk to health by long-term exposure to weak fields became a concern in that even small health effects could have profound public health implications. The knowledge of the biological effects of electromagnetic fields still contains certain gaps which should be filled. In the present paper, we report on a brief review of the relevant literature data concerning the interactions between electric and/or magnetic field and living organisms and a personal experience in the field. Based on the analyses of most published studies, it is still unclear if EMFs are significant risk factors for human health and the necessity of new directions for EMF research in the areas of epidemiology, exposure metrics, animal studies and biophysics appear requested.

Keywords: electromagnetic fields, genotoxic effect, heat shock proteins, electric fields, magnetic fields, risk factors, human health, risk assessment, uncertainty, epidemiology, exposure metrics, animal studies, biophysics, neurodegenerative diseases, cancer, biological effects, living organisms

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