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Electrical properties of biogenic material: bilirubin rich gallstone

The electrical properties of Bilirubin Rich Gallstone (BGS) were investigated by the Complex Impedance Spectroscopy (CIS) technique. The dielectric relaxation was found to be of non-Debye type. Evidences of temperature-dependent electrical relaxation phenomena as well as Negative Temperature Coefficient of Resistance (NTCR) character of the sample have been observed. The ac conductivity obeys the universal power law and the dispersion in conductivity was observed in the lower frequency region. The activation energy and thermal conductivity have been estimated from the electrical conductivity data. Ac conductivity analysis indicated the possibility of hopping mechanism for electrical transport processes in the system.

Keywords: biogenic materials, bilirubin rich gallstones, impedance, electrical conductivity, dielectric relaxation, biomaterials

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