Electrochemical Exhaust Gas Purification - SAE technical paper series


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This text is divided into Iwo parts; the first part gives a short recapitulation 01 the development status 01 the eiectrochemical reactor lor soot removal, while the second part gives a description 01 activities on electrochemical NOx reduction.

The Electrochemical Reactor lor filtration and continuous combustion 01 soot lrom diesel exhaust gas has been described earlier [1, 2]. The reactor size has been increased by stacking fiat plate reactors, and lull size test has been performed on a diesel engine in a test bench. The soot removal efficiency is better than 90%, but the efficiency lor gas oxidation (conversion 01 carbon monoxide (CO) and hydrocarbons (CH)) is stililow, 01 the order of 50%.

The packing and mounting 01 the reactor is under development to. avoid mechanical breakage by engine vibrations. This has improved the durability signilicantly, and on road vehicle test is under initiation. Optimisation 01 reactor shape and materials are going on continuously to improve efficiency and durability. In this phase various production methods are under consideration.

Activity to extend the electrochemical principle to lean NOx removal is increasing. ln this work a concept for electrochemical removal of NOx under lean conditions is outlined. The main obstacles to the design 01 an effective and energy efficient electrochemical DeNOx reactor are presented. The use 01 a selective electrode in combination with the need to be able to control the applied potential and, lollowing from this, the need for a simple geometry 01 the reactor is stressed. A selective electrode for nitric oxide reduction has been identified.

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