Electrochemical Oxidation Of Organic Pollutants

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The main aim this paper is to use 'Electrochemical Technology for removal of Organic Pollutants from Waste Water'. Today hazardous waste management has become one of the most challenging tasks to this technological world because tons of organic pollutants including various carcinogens are being exposed without the sufficient treatment prescribed as per the 'ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY' norms. Also in the current scenario, the Indian government has made it mandatory to treat wastewater before discharging it.

Electrochemical depollution is a very efficient and economic method, suitable when the wastewater contains toxic or non-biodegradable organic pollutants. Wherever a high standard of living is to be secured in the long-term and environmental resources protected, essential requirements are that wastewater is treated in a proper manner.

Thus by means of electrochemical technology, which is cost and safety effective, we can help reduce concentrations of organic pollutants to an extent as minimum as possible and maintain the present status of the chemical world.

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