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Electrochemical studies on a textile azine dye: safranin T

Safranin T (3,8-diamino-4,7-dimethylphenyl phenazinium chloride) was selected as the model compound for this study because of its wide application in various textile industries either as such or in combination with some other dyes as colour additives. A small well-defined single cathodic peak was observed which on controlled potential electrolysis (CPE) reduced substantially with a considerable decrease in colour and absorbance. The rate of decrease of the current and absorbance was found to exhibit a first-order dependence. The COD of the solutions showed a decrease from 1,360 to 216 mg/L. No peak could be observed in the voltammograms after CPE, indicating the absence of any electroactive substance left in the solutions.

Keywords: safranin T, electrochemical studies, textile dyes, azine dye, COD value, controlled potential electrolysis, wastewater treatment, decolourisation, toxicity reduction

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