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Electrochemically synthesised polyaniline on marine grade aluminium

Polyaniline films were deposited on marine grade 5083 aluminium, and were examined and characterised with the use of cyclic voltammetry, UV–Vis spectroscopy and SEM imaging. The polyaniline films were electrochemically synthesised from 0.5 M oxalic acid solutions containing 0.1 M aniline, under potentiostatic control. The presence of polyaniline was clearly seen by the presence of two sets of redox peaks in the voltammograms, and by two absorptions in the UV–visible spectrum. The successful application of polyaniline films with antimicrobial properties can potentially lead to future applications of antifouling coatings for use in the marine environment.

Keywords: polyaniline films, electrochemistry, antifouling coatings, electrochemical synthesis, marine grade aluminium, marine environment, antimicrobial properties, nanotechnology

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