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Electrocoagulation: The Optimized Tool for Reverse Osmosis Pretreatment

Electrocoagulation: The Optimized Tool for RO Preatment

Reverse Osmosis Desalination (RO) is used to treat water that comes from a variety of water sources across the world. From the brackish water of certain rivers and lakes, to the sources of tertiary municipal and industrial wastewater for reuse, this technology provides great versatility to its operator. It is because of the variability of the water quality of these source, that the pretreatment steps for RO membrane treatment are different, yet most important. This pretreatment process is where specialized electrocoagulation technology can very beneficial.

The technology of reverse osmosis desalination holds its principal use from the basis of membrane technology. There are several challenges that must be addressed in this membrane pretreatment process.

Challenges that must be addressed in the pretreatment process of reverse osmosis systems include:

  • Coloidal particles and inorganic salts
  • Membrane fouling and scaling by organic materials including silica, magnesium and calcium
  • Fouling of membranes by microbiological matter

If the items mentioned above, are not sufficiently addressed in the RO pretreatment process, then the performance of the RO system will be drastically hindered. At times, this can culminate into a complete membrane failure, which is most commonly a result of inadequate pretreatment design and performance. It’s for this reason that the integration of pretreatment technology sufficiently suitable for protecting the RO membrane filters is not only valuable, but required in many cases.

Engineers within Genesis Water Technologies (GWT), a specialized leader in the global water treatment industry, pioneered the introduction of electrocoagulation as a pretreatment solution for RO systems in specific applications based on the feed source water quality.

Electrocoagulation technology has existed for multiple decades, but it hadn’t been until recently, that engineers within GWT were able to harness the superior treatment results brought forth from its usage at a value that was cost-effective to the operator.

The move toward sustainability, has propelled the need for organizations to reduce among other parameters, their environmental footprint. For this reason, GWT has led the development of viable methods to engineer the technology in a design that brings tremendous value to its operator for reverse osmosis pretreatment.

Electrocoagulation is a process that does not require the addition of any chemical coagulants, the coagulants are generated in-situ through the dissolution of sacrificial electrodes to remove biological, organic and inorganic compounds from the water source.

The distinct characteristics of electrocoagulation have allowed for the integration of this advanced technology to be accepted as a suitable pretreatment for contaminated feed water from brackish, seawater and tertiary wastewater sources prior to entrance into reverse osmosis systems.

Operational costs associated with RO systems include, pretreatment chemicals and membranes. By integrating advanced electrocoagulation into the pre-treatment process, GWT is able to replace conventional chemical coagulation treatment with superior results and potentially higher RO system recovery rates. Utilizing this approach also results in lower operation costs associated with the membrane system such as membrane chemicals and membrane filter replacement.

The use of electrocoagulation as a pre-treatment tool for Reverse Osmosis has many clear advantages over conventional chemical coagulation methods.

Genesis Water Technologies has become the industry leader in EC integration for pretreatment of reverse osmosis desalination systems using seawater, brackish water, and tertiary wastewater as inlet water sources.

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