Electrolytic Ozone Generation And Its Application In Pure Water Systems


Over the years manufacturers have become increasingly aware of the importance of water purity and its effect on the quality of the final product. One of the largest problems that confronts pure water system operators is bacterial recontamination shortly after the water purification equipment. There are several recommended methods of either preventing or removing such contamination but most have inherent disadvantages. The most innovative and effective method that has been adopted by leading pharmaceutical and. semiconductor manufacturers, involves ozonation of the water in the system and reducing this prior to the first point of use with ultraviolet irradiation. 

An efficient way of producing ozone is with an electrolytic ozone generator such as MEMBRELĀ® that actually produces ozone from the water being treated.  Ozone, and particularly electrolytically generated ozone, is ideally suited for pure water loops because only low concentrations are necessary to sanitise the system and there are no objectionable by-products or residue after the ozone has decomposed to oxygen.

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