Electromagnetic Impulse Radiator


A novel method of short electromagnetic pulse producing by electrical dipole antenna is a topic of this paper. This method assumes the antenna current interruption instead of voltage pulse excitation. In this case antenna-generator matching requirements are considerable simplified and antenna radiation efficiency is increased.

In according to proposed method the electromagnetic impulse radiator prototype was developed. Antemia current is interrupted by a drift step recover}' diode (DSRD), and antenna is a part of the DSRD generator itself. More than 800 watts peak power was achieved on the antemia terminal with 3 ns monocycle pulse duration and up to 250 kHz pulse repetition frequency (PRF). The radiator power consumption didn't exceed 3 watts at 100 kHz PRF condition.

The proposed method allows producing of nanosecond electromagnetic pulses with hundred kilowatts peak power and PRF up to hundreds kHz. Only switch parameters and power supply limit potential possibilities of such kind of radiator.

Keywords: Drift step recovery diode, DSRD, transient radiation, electromagnetic pulse, TEM horn.

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