Electronic Water Meter For Leakage Repair - Case Study


Courtesy of Energy Management System Co., Ltd.

Every year, EMS (Energy Management System) produces and markets smart electronic water meters (domestic/ bulk), wireless transmission data logger (GSM/ GPRS), and advanced AMR (Automatic Metering Reading) systems.

Unlike traditional mechanical water meter, the magnet-free electronic smart water meter with class C (CNS 14866) metrological performance can maintain 12 years battery lifespan. With a tamper-proof design, it also has leakage detection function, flow directions, monthly water consumption log, and MNF (minimum nighttime flow) log. In the construction of DMA, which is a popular approach to decrease NRW (Non-Revenue Water), monthly water consumption log can precisely record every household water consumption in the entire month and help calculate the leakage amount.

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