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Element Case Study: E.S. Babcock & Sons, Inc.


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E.S. Babcock & Sons, Inc. installed Element in Feb. 2002, and the LIMS system has been an integral part of their operation ever since. The transition itself did not take long, requiring about two days of onsite training with Promium staff members and around one month to transfer existing information and lab systems over to Element. Today, over 40 of Babcock’s employees are licensed Element users, making up more than two-thirds of the company’s total staff.

Allison Mackenzie, CEO of Babcock, says that Element is now key to her lab’s operation and the system has had a positive effect on almost every aspect of the company’s business.

Information Management Features

Thanks to Element’s extensive feature set, Babcock now has greater user-flexibility, including the ability to query data, manage statistics and perform QA operations with a single program.

Babcock has also benefited from Element’s custom reports. With over 20 available formats, Element allows Babcock to tailor each report to meet specific customer needs. Information from Element is easily applied to other applications, to meet the needs of clients who are working with predetermined electronic data deliverables (EDDs).

“There’s a flexibility for us to transfer the data out of Element and into formats designed for the client,” Allison said.

Since its installation, Element has helped Babcock fulfill commitments to its customers by allowing the lab to deliver quality data quickly and efficiently.

Improving Overall Efficiency

Using Element, the sales team is able to quickly create bids that follow their unique pricing structure. The operations division is able to process and track samples more accurately and efficiently, improving accuracy and efficiency.

Element has also made significant improvements to QA procedures. Thanks to its control charts and its ability to create a fluid sequence of queries, grabbing the needed standards and info necessary for each batch, Element has made it much easier to incorporate Babcock’s QA processes and meet regulatory needs.

Babcock has also found Element very useful from a project management standpoint.

According to Mackenzie, Element’s ability to look at historical data, coupled with its ability to create custom reports and custom QA reports, is a great assistance to the lab’s project managers.

Element has improved the environmental testing experience for Babcock’s clients in many ways as well. Project managers have access to current data, which is made available to clients as it is produced, via the web access component of Element. This allows Babcock’s clients to see reviewed data and view updates as they occur.

Convenient Updates and Service

Since installing Element, Babcock has maintained its annual service contract with Promium, making updates and service straightforward and non-labor intensive for the lab’s IT staff. Promium’s online application updates have allowed Babcock to stay current with Element’s progress.

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