Eliminate Tough Grease and Grime Build up from Large Area Hard Floors

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Large area hard floor cleaners are used for cleaning floors and walls, primarily in large commercial settings. These areas include bathrooms, kitchens, basements, and outdoors. These machines are known for their toughness and durability. They are able to clear away heavy accumulation of grease and grime. These machines can be used even on surfaces, such as concrete, porous tile, and stone.

More Power
Large area hard floor cleaners are powerful machines that have motorized spinners, which have 60 percent better power for cleaning hard surfaces than non-motorized machines. High pressure levels of up to 1500 psi are ideally suited for removing the most stubborn accumulation of grime indoors. Higher pressure levels are required when cleaning sidewalks and other outdoor surfaces.

Simultaneous extraction makes the cleaning process twice as fast. High-quality large area hard floor cleaners from some well-known brands have twice the power of ordinary pressure wash machines. Using these machines, a contractor can earn thousands of dollars in the course of a single workday.

Less water consumption
Low flow rate is another reason for the popularity of some brands of large area hard floor cleaners. For example, some of the latest hard floor cleaners, with pressure levels as high as 1500 psi, use less than 35 percent of the water required by ordinary floor scrubber machines. Such equipment transfer less water onto the surfaces, thereby, making the cleaning process quick.

Unique spinner design
Most brands retail low-power spinners that depend solely on water pressure for movement. This reduces their effectiveness. As already mentioned, you need large area hard floor cleaners with motorized spinners for effective cleaning. You also need to have spinners of the right size. 19 inch spinners are perfect for large surfaces, while for smaller areas, 9 inch spinners should be used.

This ensures that you are able to clean large floor and wall surfaces, as well as corners and smaller areas, with equal ease.

Multipurpose equipment
Some types of large area hard floor cleaners help contractors fulfill myriad cleaning applications. They are used for washing carpets and for pressure washing. The best commercial hard floor cleaners, with their powerful extraction ability and capacious dumping, are used for more serious cleaning applications. If you are looking to undertake restoration in places hit by water damage, this kind of equipment would make the task much easier.

Some of the commercial hard floor cleaners, with high pressure levels, are used for pressure cleaning hard surfaces. These machines have high pressure levels and flow rate of up to 5 gpm. Heated hard surface cleaners also feature high hot water temperature of 210°F. For pressure washing using heated hard surface cleaners, you can utilize water as hot as 330°F. Note that such high temperatures are not to be used for carpet cleaning.

Continuous use
This is a feature that enables contractors to operate the machine continuously, ensuring that there are no breaks in the cleaning process. Continuous use is facilitated by features, such as heavy-duty motor, continuous water input, auto dump, high water lift, fast water heating, long hoses, chemical infusion, and large recovery tanks. Together, these features ensure that stoppage time is reduced and the commercial hard floor cleaners operate for as long as needed.



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