EMEP-reports prepared in 2002

NILU presents at the Steering Body of EMEP in the fall each year status reports of the work at the EMEP project. This year several reports have been produced for the EMEP Steering Body meeting in Geneva 1 to 4 September 2002. Special attention have been paid to particles and heavy metals.
  • The nineteenth intercomparison of analytical methods within EMEP
  • Analytical intercomparison of heavy metals in precipitation 2001
  • Data quality 2000, quality assurance and field comparisons
  • Measurements of particulate matter: Status report 2002
  • Ozone measurements 2002
  • Acidifying and eutrophying compounds. Part 1: Annual summaries
  • Acidifying and eutrophying compounds. Part 2: Monthly and seasonal summaries
  • VOC measurements 2000
  • Heavy metals and POPs within the EMEP region 2000
  • Changes in ozone episodes due to emission reductions. A Nordic study

The reports are available for download on both EMEP’s web site (www.emep.int) as well as NILU’s own (www.nilu.no/projects/ccc).

The EMEP group at NILU has also contributed to EMEP reports produced by other institutions.

EMEP is the Co-operative Programme for Monitoring and Evaluation of the Long-Range Transmission of Air Pollutants in Europe under the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UN-ECE) Convention on Long-Range Transboundary Air Pollution. The EMEP Chemical Coordinating Centre (EMEP-CCC) has been hosted by NILU since the beginning of the programme in 1979. In total more than 20 persons at NILU are involved in the EMEP-CCC tasks. The CCC is lead by Dr. Kjetil Tørseth.

EMEP data on the European regional air quality concerns acidification, eutrophication, ground level ozone, heavy metals, persistent organic compounds and atmospheric particles.

EMEP-reports prepared in 2002

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