Emergency remediation response case study


Courtesy of EFI Global, Inc.

Services Performed
Emergency remediation response, oil and hazardous waste consulting and a mold/indoor air quality (IAQ) testing

Following the flooding of the Spicket River during the Spring 2006, EFI Global was engaged to evaluate a nursing home in Lawrence, MA. After the initial environmental evaluation, our team observed that the basement and entire first floor of the nursing home facility were flooded. In addition, hydraulic oil from the elevator system had contaminated floodwater in the basement, asbestos-containing building materials were impacted and there was extensive water-damage/microbial contamination throughout the basement and first floor.

After contacting the appropriate state departments to ensure compliance with state and local regulations, our team prepared the remediation plans and conducted onsite monitoring during the remediation process.

Acting as a liaison between the contractor and client, our experts provided oversight and direction of all activities and responded to additional issues discovered during the remediation project. In particular, our team designed and monitored the frac tank installation and dewatering activities of the contractor, supervised the asbestos and mold remediation and conducted the clearance sampling to ensure safe re-occupancy.

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