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Emergency zoning and PSA applications in Finland

In the siting of a nuclear power plant, the aim is to protect the plant against external threats as well as to minimise any environmental detriments and threats that might arise from the plant. Finnish regulations include Nuclear Legislation, Government Decisions (on Reactor safety, Emergency Preparedness, Physical Protection and Waste management and disposal) and YVL Guides issued by the Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority (STUK). Beside reactor and nuclear safety issues, these stipulate for safety and protection of the population and the environment. In Finland, Probabilistic Safety Analysis (PSA) is used extensively to support safety management and regulation of operating nuclear power plants. PSA is also used to support the design and licensing of new units. There are no formal requirements for using probabilistic methods in emergency planning, but Level 2 PSA provides useful background information in this area.

Keywords: nuclear power plants, emergency planning zones, emergency preparedness, probabilistic safety analysis, PSA, radiation protection, risk-informed regulation, nuclear energy, risk management, emergency management, Finland, safety management, regulations

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