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Emineralizers: big problems, small solutions


There are thousands of demineralizer around the world that provide high purity water for boilers, turbines, industrial and commercial processes. Many of these demineralizers are over 25 years old. In almost all cases, raw water composition, flow rates, daily throughput requirement and treated water quality have all changed. Today, these demineralizers are working harder than ever. As expected, the owners are experiencing substantial increase in regeneration chemical costs, increase in waste water volumes, and 08M costs. Such frustrated owners faced with the task of updating their systems often consider retrofitting or replacing the entire system with newer technologies, which may cost even more in the long run.

Conclusion: The article considers several case studies, showing that most system failures are due to improper use and application of resins, variation in flow rates, wrong regeneration techniques, and most often worn distributors that degrade performance, all of which can be remedied with cost effective retrofit replacement of old distributor systems and re-training of the O&M crew. See and read the articles

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