Empire landfill, Taylor, Pennsylvania - Case Study


Courtesy of Presto Geosystems

Empire Landfill in Taylor, PA is situated on a 600-acre site, with 203 acres currently under permit for waste disposal. In anticipant of current and future environmental concerns, the management of Empire Landfill, Inc. has ensured that the landfill exceeds today’s design and operational guidelines.

Empire Landfill features double-lined cells, with a “geosynthetic sandwich” of geotextile, two 100 mil HDPE liners, and stone aggregate atop a clayey soil subbase. A complete storm water management system for surface run-on and runoff includes a series of channels, with high erosion potential in the diversion and interceptor channels.

Interceptor channels follow the landfill toe, with a gradient ranging from 2 to 16%. These channels are in a trapezoidal configuration, with an eight-foot wide b o t t o m a n d 2 : l s i d e slopes. In the past, 18-in. thick rock-filled baskets or shot rock were being employed to protect the interceptor channels from erosion. Alternate hard armor systems were considered in an attempt to enhance the storm water management secsystem and to minimize labor and site disturbance required with the installation of the 18-in. baskets.

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