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Employment branding at Google: a challenge to attract and/or build talent

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Many organisations are realising that it is better to develop the leaders of tomorrow from within the organisation and that development is a critical strategic objective. Development helps to retain talent and ensure leaders are prepared to succeed strategically, operationally and culturally. This paper looks at the topic of recruitment and talent selection through the eyes of Google. Google has extraordinary appeal, which helps attracting not only the top talents in computer science and information technology but also throughout various industries from all levels of employment. This paper attempts to fi ne-tune their recruitment approach to optimise the scanning and selection of these applicants as this will be fundamental in ensuring good organisational and job fi t, timely processing and minimising discrimination and biases. Effective talent management is crucial in today’s tight labour market and skill and balancing a buy and build talent policy will position Google well for its future.

Keywords: human resource management, talent management, retention, recruitment, interviewing bias, halo effect, google, innovation, diversity management

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