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EMSL Analytical awarded prestigious A2LA accreditation

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Environmental testing laboratory granted A2LA recognition for testing lead and phthalates on children’s products.

EMSL Analytical, a leading provider of advanced environmental laboratory services, has recently announced that their Westmont, New Jersey laboratory has been accredited by the American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA) for lead and phthalates testing on children’s products. The news has already spread quickly with lead professionals and consumer product testing advocates who previously had limited choices for their analysis from A2LA accredited facilities.

Lead in consumer products, such as toys and jewelry, presents a potentially dangerous hazard to the public, especially to young children. Various plastics, paints and other surface coatings have historically utilized lead and other heavy metals as stabilizers. The deterioration of lead in some products, upon handling and if ingested or inhaled, can cause serious health effects.

Phthalates are often used as plasticizers which are added to plastics to increase their flexibility. Due to various health concerns the use of phthalates in many products is being phased out in the European Union and United States.

“EMSL is pleased to be receiving this recognition from A2LA,” reported Paul Cochrane, Marketing Director at EMSL Analytical. “Recent national media stories about lead and other contaminants in and on children’s toys and products has greatly increased concern for the safety of our children and EMSL is proud to be a well established provider of these important tests,” Cochrane went on to report.

To learn more about lead and phthalate analysis or other environmental testing services please visit www.EMSL.com.

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