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Endoreversible thermodynamics approach for optimum oven operation

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This paper refers to the problem of how much heat is necessary for oven operation. An endoreversible thermodynamics approach is used here. More accurate upper bounds for the oven heat gain factor are obtained than when the traditional reversible thermodynamics approach is used. The optimum operation temperatures and the oven heat gain factor depend on three parameters incorporating both design and thermal factors. The quantities associated with reversible operations are recovered in the limiting case of infinitely large conductance. In the more realistic case of finite sizes one shows that the equipartition principle acts for the conductances of the heat engines and heat pumps driving the endoreversible oven, but does not act at the level of the system. The results show that reducing the present day fuel consumption by an order of magnitude for oven operation is, in principle, possible.

Keywords: energy conversion, energy saving, oven operations, heat gain factor, heat pumps, heat engines, endoreversible thermodynamics, exergy

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