Energy and carbon management are cornerstone to risk mitigation strategies


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The landscape for national compliance reporting thresholds for facilities was about to dramatically increase in scale and the company did not have the resources and systems to measure, manage and report the required data in a timely and accurate manner.

This organization with vast resources deployed across much of Western Canada was suddenly exposed to an alarming degree of financial risk for their nearly 500 facilities through compliance penalties. Compounding this problem was increasing pressure from other business units for more accurate and timely data to assist in global reporting schemes such as the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP).

With limited personnel and resources, the company needed a solution that could expedite their data collection, reporting and collaboration process, while scaling to meet their growing and ever-changing resource landscape.

Why Carbonetworks

Carbonetworks provided enterprise-wide visibility of the company’s GHG emissions quickly and effectively, leveraging web-based tools that were intuitive and easy-to implement. Carbonetworks also effectively consolidated multiple sources of data from other applications, including EMIS, Utilities, and others, so that a single view of GHG information was available to support the business. Backed by 10 years of R&D and domain expertise in GHG management, the Carbonetworks technology platform proved to be the most stable, secure, and scalable solution - critical factors for a large company in a highly regulated environment.


With pressing timelines, Carbonetworks needed to deploy an immediate solution in a matter of weeks to meet the company’s needs across hundreds of facilities of different types and sizes. Working with the local teams, Carbonetworks consolidated all of the historical facility information including facility type, output, and emissions into a single, central database. Aggregating this data the client was able to upload a complete inventory into the platform within a matter of minutes. Once this baseline was established, multiple organizational hierarchies were created to view, examine, audit, and report data in the format required for both compulsory and voluntary reporting.

The value delivered included clear, auditable transparency of GHG information to meet compliance reporting, and the company’s Carbon Disclosure Project submission.

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