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Energy and environmental conservation in Slovakia and institutional support

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The paper covers the problem of energy intensity in Slovakia, its international comparisons and reasons for its considerable level. The availability of primary energy sources in Slovakia is mentioned and the impact on the environment of the energy sector is presented. Brief characteristics of the Slovak Energy Policy are stated and institutional measures aiming at more efficient energy use in Slovakia are discussed. One of the most efficient of these has been the gradual elimination of energy price regulation - pricing developments of electricity and centralised heat are presented as an example. Governmental programmes of energy support are introduced. In the section dedicated to the environment, the paper deals with the basic aspects of environmental protection in general and the issue of CO2 in particular. As for renewable energy sources in Slovakia, the paper presents the comparison of technically exploitable potential of these and the current (rather modest) situation. In the conclusion of the paper, the outlook for further development linked to the expected economic growth and new legislation in the energy sector is indicated.

Keywords: Slovak energy sector, energy consumption, energy intensity, air pollution, energy policy, energy prices, energy efficiency support programmes, environmental protection, renewable energy sources, energy legislation

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