Energy and exergy analysis of a gas turbine power plant in Algeria

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An exergy analysis of a twin ABB GT13E2 Gas Turbines (GTs) power plant (2 ? 146.2 MW) is presented in this paper. This plant is running since 2004 at F'Krina in the northeastern part of Algeria. The analysis was performed by the flow-sheet programme, 'Cycle-Tempo'. At off-design load (83%), the plant and its apparatus conserve nearly the same design load performances. However, the performance of the plant decreases under higher air temperatures. The combustor is the first loser of exergy; this trend increases with increasing air temperature. Preheating air has considerable positive impact on the plant efficiency.

Keywords: exergy analysis, gas turbines, power plants, thermodynamic simulation, Cycle-Tempo, energy analysis, Algeria, air temperature, preheating air, plant efficiency


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