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Energy dissipation of aluminium panel yielding dampers

In this paper, an innovative type of yielding damper was introduced having aluminium panels and stiffened using stiffeners. Dampers are the first elements in structures which respond to seismic forces, prevent from destructive damage to other main elements of structure and reduce the costs related to structural improvement. A comprehensive numerical study was utilised in this research. The aluminium panel and stiffeners were modelled in ABAQUS software. Each of the square and rectangular frames was investigated using six different stiffeners. The panels were considered to be under harmonic load; energy absorption was calculated for each cycle and the results of square and rectangular panels were compared with each other. Rectangular panels showed better behaviour than square panels for energy absorbing. Even in some cases, rectangular panels without stiffeners can be used instead of square panels with stiffeners. The best rectangular and square panels were the panels with two horizontal and vertical stiffeners.

Keywords: aluminium panels, yielding dampers, energy dissipation, stiffeners, seismic forces, finite element analysis, FEA, harmonic load, energy absorption, square panels, rectangular panels, structural engineering, seismic retrofit, earthquakes

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