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Energy & Environment: Driving industrial development in the southeastern Mediterranean

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Recent developments in the environmental markets of the greater southeastern Europe and the Mediterranean make explicit the necessity for the provision of integrated services, covering both issues of energy efficiency and environmental protection. Such services, when provided by a single entity, promote the uniformity of the deliverables and strengthen customer benefits; the service is not segmented; competitive costs and satisfactory results are guaranteed; time-schedules and deadlines are efficiently observed.

Two case studies from opposite sides testify to the need for an integrated approach, and present a developing market trend.

Regional management programmes are being currently realised by engineering and management consultant companies at a high-level European policy and energy and environmental strategy. Particular projects elaborated in the Arab Mediterranean and specific Balkan countries today aim to identify significant pollution sources and at the same time to plan, design and elaborate mitigation and remediation approaches. These tasks address both institutional capacity building and funding tools, along with maturation of specific infrastructure de-pollution projects. Such cases include for instance the construction of wastewater treatment plans or integrated solid waste management schemes etc. A prerequisite for the successful completion of such large-scale projects is the effective combination of specialised expertise, multitasking co-ordination potential, and the thorough and in-depth knowledge for policy and strategy orientation.

At a different level of significant importance, integrated solutions find a special implementation in the building sector. It is a known fact that buildings comprise a significant energy consumer. At the same time, the continuous technological developments, combined with the emerging requirements for commercial and residential real estate, demand energy saving solutions and more environmental-friendly proposals. This trend refers to new constructions by implementation of effective design from scratch, but also can be applied to existing buildings, following integrated due diligence, energy and environmental performance evaluations, and intervention measures on their operations and maintenance.

Being able to offer integrated services is not simply a current market trend. It can be considered a demand of modern times in the frame of contemporary development requirements. The requirement for services of such structure and organisation are recorded both in the private and the public sector, whereas it is foreseen that these forms shall be part of an independent market sector in the imminent future.

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