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“Energy Film Uses Nanoparticle Technology to Save Energy”

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Energy Film in Portland, OR, has developed a thin layer of film that is applied to glass that saves energy by using nanoparticle technology to reduce solar heat gain, block UV radiation, and retain heat in winter. Energy Film is a subsidiary of Artscape, Inc. which has been doing business world-wide since 1997,

While there are other products in the performance film industry there at least three reasons to consider purchasing Energy Film. It is unique in the following ways:

• Energy Film uses no adhesives in the application process.

• Its performance characteristics are achieved without the use of a mirrored surface on the film.

• The application process is so easy that it only requires a squeegee, sharp utility knife for trimming, a straight edge, and a spray bottle with drops of liquid soap.

The U.S. Department of Energy has stated that 60% of a rooms heat load in summer is due to solar heat through the windows. They have also stated that 25% of energy loss in winter is through the windows. Energy Film is a cost-effective solution to saving energy by reducing heat gain in summer and reducing heat loss in winter.

It is ideal for all buildings including: commercial office and retail, schools, government offices, hotels, etc. Once the product has been installed it is virtually maintenance free.

It is offered in two hues: one transparent and the other tinted. The product comes in various sizes and one can purchase 2’x4’, 3’x4’, 4’x7’ or 4’x 100’ rolls.

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