Energy recovery from the Exhaust gases of a Cyclone preheater tower - case study


Courtesy of Advanced Cyclone Systems, S. A.

Advanced Cyclone Systems, S.A. (ACS) designed and supplied a Hurricane cyclone system for Duna-Drava Kft cement plant in Beremend, Hungary, (a member of the HeidelbergCement Group, the global market leader in aggregates), as part of an energy recovery project. To maintain the quality of the ground Pet Coke within the specifications in terms of ash content, ACS was contacted with the objective of designing a cyclone system to minimize the concentration of very fine dust particles in the hot exhaust gas stream leaving the pre heater tower (please see figure 1).

In order to ensure that the ground Pet Coke is within the ash content specifications the dust particles needed to be removed from the gas stream.

The goal was to minimize the dust concentration in about 10% of the total hot air (37,513 m3/n @ 3279C) with the lowest impact to the gas temperature. To design the most efficient cyclone system, ACS used the specific operating conditions of the plant, such as the particle size distribution, density, inlet concentration, temperature and gas flow rate.

ACS provided a Hurricane cyclone system to reduce emissions by 87.15-92.92% representing a decrease of very fine dust concentration from 42.100 mg/NmJ down to below 4.200 mg/NmJ with a pressure drop of only 1.3 kPa.

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