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Energy use efficiency of on-farm- and post-pineapples production in Nigeria

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The energy use and energy use efficiency in a group of pineapples plantations of a research institute in Nigeria was estimated. Total energy expenditure was 6,117.81 MJha
and energy output was 21,760 MJ/ha. The output/input energy ratio was 3.56. The different categories of energy input estimated are: direct energy (51.21%), indirect energy (48.79%), renewable energy (14.08%) and non-renewable energy (85.92%). Mean pineapples yield was about 8,000 kg ha
. The net energy and energy productivity value was 15,642.69 MJha
and 1.13 kg MJ
, respectively. The total cost of production of pineapples and benefit-cost ratio was $4,050/ha and 1.70 respectively. Estimation of energy from pineapples peelings showed that 1 kg of pineapples peelings can replace between 17.71 and 17.92 MJ for heat generation by combustion of biogas and between 11.72 and 17.53 MJ for replacing electricity generation from the national grid, diesel generating set or gasoline generating set.

Keywords: energy efficiency, energy contribution, pineapples, residue, Nigeria

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