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Enforcing trust in pervasive computing

Pervasive computing, as a concept, holds the promise of simplifying daily life by integrating mobile devices and digital infrastructures into our physical world. Computers would invisibly integrate themselves into background environments, providing useful services to users, as well as contextual information as to their surroundings. Devices would be able to establish dynamic ad hoc networks to provide ubiquitous services. However, the open and dynamic characteristics of pervasive computing environments necessitate the requirements for some form of trust assumptions to be made. Trusted Computing as a component of devices that themselves hold the promise of ubiquity may be used as a means of bootstrapping such trust assumptions. In this paper, we propose a trust enforced pervasive computing environment using the primitives provided by a TPM. We present an application scenario that shows how services and data of critical information infrastructure can be protected.

Keywords: pervasive computing, trusted computing, trust management, critical information infrastructures, critical infrastructures

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