Engine manufacturer saves $200,000 per year


The Problem: A “Big 3” engine manufacturer was dumping their 140,000 gallon central coolant system over shutdown every year. As oil contamination, metal fines, and aluminum soaps built up in the fluid, plant engineers noticed that surface finish decreased and tooling usage increased. As a remedy, the system was dumped, cleaned, and recharged with fresh coolant.

With a coolant concentrate cost of over $12.00 per gallon, plus the personnel, water, and waste treatment costs, this was a lot of wasted money. The facility searched for a more proactive plan that would allow them to purify and reuse the metalworking fluid.

The SRS Service: SRS had worked at the facility before, and offered a solution. Over the 4-day shutdown period, SRS orchestrated 7 portable storage tanks on site, with 2 SR-1020 purification modules and around-the-clock technicians to complete the job. SRS pumped the fluid into the frac tanks, purified the fluid via SRS’s proven technology, and returned the fluid back to the central system after the system cleanout had been performed.

The Results: Contamination levels in the coolant were reduced significantly. Tramp oil levels dropped from 4% to <1%, and over 80% of the insolubles were removed. The fluid supplier and chemical manager verified the fluid was well within specifications, and the plant accepted the fluid for reuse in the central system.

SRS saved the facility $150,000 in coolant costs alone, plus savings on the waste treatment side. In fact, early completion of the job resulted in saved overtime hours for the facility, allowing these hours to be used for other plant projects.

Total Savings Produced………over $200,000.

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