Engine manufacturer saves $45,000


The Problem: An engine manufacturer was faced with costly lost production in their 10,000gallon central honing oil system. The central system had been contaminated with 1500 gallons of water. The oil supplier’s lead-time for replacing the oil was just over 72 hours, and draining, cleaning, and drying the system would add to the downtime. SRS had already been conducting a successful coolant purification program on site and was asked if they could help. After a brief team meeting, it was decided that SRS would be given permission to try to save the oil.

The SRS Service: Within three hours, two SRS fluid technicians and a project manager were on site surveying the central system. The SRS mobile fluid purification trailer could be brought into the plant to purify and dehydrate the system. SRS fluid techni cians worked with plant millwrights to make the necessary connections. Just over one hour later, the mobile unit was processing the oil.

The Results: 24 hours from the first phone call, the central oil honing system and the machines were up and running. Water and sediment was removed from the oil. At least 48 hours of downtime was averted. Cost savings resulted from savings in honing oil. Production rates were met, and the oil provided was cleaner and drier than if a system-wide cleaning was done.

Cost savings produced: over $45,000.

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