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Engineering Research of the Microbial Revitalization of Xiba River with Microbe-Lift® Technology - Ecosystem Restoration


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Kunming City, Yunnan Province, China

Ecological Laboratories authorized representatives from the United States presented a program for biological remediation of Dianchi Lake using Ecological’s unique bacteriological based products in March 2004. The small, but badly polluted river was offered to Oakwell Engineering as a trial project using products formulated with Ecological’s MICROBE-LIFT® proprietary technology. The Xiba River flows into the most polluted Northern part of Dianchi Lake, and was deemed to be good, but challenging test of open water bioremediation. Kunming University of Science & Technology was engaged as an independent research party to conduct the trial, and working as the local administrator for the project.

The river is a small, slow flowing tributary with extremely polluted water emanating a bad odor.The trial project was conducted to determine the effectiveness of this unique and novel biological treatment plan toeliminate odor, improve water quality and to accelerate river rehabilitation toreinstate higher forms of living organisms in the river.

The bad odor along the test zone was drastically reduced within one week of inoculation and was practically eliminated two weeks after inoculation. The river has remained odor free throughout the trial period. However, there was no change in bad odor upstream during the same period, thus confirming that Ecological Laboratories’ Microbe-Lift Technology products are very effective in odor reduction. This has also been corroborated by verbal surveys with local residents along the river. The water at Xiba River has a pH ranging from 7.0 to 7.8 which is ideal for the survival and multiplication of microbes. This is an ideal pH range for this technology. The trial results do show that the product’s effectiveness reduces in temperatures below 10oC. The positive results achieved in Feb 2005 leads to the conclusion that Ecological Laboratories product formulations are effective in bringing down BOD, COD, TSS, Turbidity, Total Nitrogen and Total Phosphorous by half from T1 to T4, which represents only an average of 7 hours retention time.

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