ENI - 100 m3/h produced water treatment


Courtesy of CETCO Energy Services

Client: ENI Blacktip Field

CETCO Oilfield Services is to boost operations in northern Australia, working with integrated energy company ENI after winning a contract worth over $650,000 AUD.

ENI turned to CETCO to assist with its water treatment requirements in the Blacktip Field, due to come online in 2009. This project is a significant step for both companies towards a greater presence within northern Australia and is the first project of its kind for CETCO Australia in the Northern Territory.

ENI’s wholly owned Blacktip Field will predominantly develop operations to sustain the northern territory’s domestic energy needs – this will serve approximately 21.3 million people. The substantial recoverable reserves from the field are expected to satisfy energy needs in the area for at least the next 25 years - a considerable project since Blacktip is the first field off the north coast being developed for the domestic market rather than for export.

At this stage in the development of the field, ENI required an oily water treatment package that could cope with the volume of produced water at the field’s Onshore Gas Plant.

In response to this, CETCO Oilfield Services will supply ENI with two 66” CrudeSorb® vessels. This type of treatment package utilizes water polishing adsorption filters which are specifically designed to remove oil, grease and soluble organics from water based streams.

CETCO’s treatment vessels will be located at the onshore gas plant and will become a permanent fixture with the ability to handle flow rates of up to 100m3/h (15,095 BBL/day).

CrudeSorb is a proprietary adsorption media based on resin, polymer, and clay technology. It has been proven to be extremely efficient at removing oil, grease, and soluble organics from water. CrudeSorb has been developed specifically for this purpose and is packaged in radial-flow, nonferrous canisters comprised of a cloth mesh and polycarbonate sealing caps at either end of the canister. This ensures water quality that meets and often exceeds water discharge rates.

The Blacktip Field will be developed with an unmanned wellhead platform (WHP) located in the Joseph Bonaparte Gulf, a 110 km pipeline to shore and a minimum manned onshore gas plant (OGP) located close to Port Keats (Wadeye), 245 km southwest of Darwin, Australia.

With an initial expected annual production rate of 650 million m3 - 1.1 billion m3 (23 billion ft3 – 39 billion ft3), CETCO Oilfield Services’ CrudeSorb technology will play an essential part in producing energy for Australia’s Northern Territory.

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