Enitial use TDL-500 for emissions monitoring - Case Study


Courtesy of Geotech

CH4 leak detection and emissions monitoring and mapping

TDL-500 coupled with the 'enidata PDA'

United Kingdom


enitial are currently using the TDL-500 connected to an enitial enidata PDA to undertake high detailed methane leak / emissios mapping surveys on landfill sites. Methane concentrations are measured from the surface on a 5m to 10m grid recording data at 3 to 4 second intervals. enitial's customers have a variety of reasons for enitial to undertake emissions mapping surveys using the TDL-500 and data logging capability, these include: reviewing cap integrity; assisting in conforming to surface emission regulatory requirements; reviewing temporary or uncapped side slopes – operational moth balled sites; targeting gas emissions to control nuisance odour complaints; reviewing control system infrastructure integrity; improving gas volumes for power generation schemes focusing on unnecessary gas emissions; improving carbon capture – focusing on unnecessary gas emissions

enitial are a leading independent provider of emission and pollution monitoring, control and management services located throughout the UK. Our environmental monitoring and sampling activities cover, gas, landfill gas, surface water level, flow and quality, groundwater level, recharge and quality, noise, air quality, soil contamination, and effluent. enitial are currently receiving a number of requests from customers to undertake emissions mapping surveys particularly with the anticipated change to Environment Agency guidance on surface emissions surveys – the TDL-500 and Landtec software are allowing enitial to provide a new service to these customers. The ATEX approved TDL-500 has also allowed enitial to undertake certain works where an ATEX approved instrument is required. This was not previously possible without expensive hire costs. John Freestone from enitial commented 'Having used the TDL-500 for a number of months to date, am impressed by the accuracy and data collection rates of the TDL-500 and Landtec software package (up to 1,200 surface reading per hour), I particularly like the ability to upload ESRI Shape Files to ArcPad 10 / Landtec software, these can then be used to navigate on site and track the survey route, reducing the need for any paperwork or drawings on site, just a TDL-500 and PDA are required.'

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