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Enterprise Products Partners Launches Enterprise Tool for a Proactive ASPECT on EHS Regulatory Compliance


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Enterprise Products Partners L.P. is a large publicly-traded energy partnership, headquartered in Houston, TX. As a leading North American provider of midstream energy services, it maintains more than 50,000 miles of pipeline across the United States that transport natural gas, natural gas liquids, crude oil, refined products, liquefied petroleum gases and petrochemicals to producers and consumers. This Fortune 500 Company has achieved phenomenal growth as the result of acquisitions and expansion from organic growth opportunities.

Enterprise Products growth has been so rapid that it became increasingly complex to manage environmental, health and safety (EHS) reporting for compliance with regulations such as US Clean Air Act Title V. The company’s EHS and Training (EHS&T) group had traditionally relied on hundreds of spreadsheets to track emissions data but that approach became problematic as the sheets grew bigger and more complicated. The team discovered that each facility had developed their own spreadsheet so 94 different versions were in use just for Title V emissions.

Errors were cropping up and, even when sheets were accurate, it was extraordinarily hard to dig into the data during an audit to resolve questions. In a few cases, the company was required to generate corrected reports because of errors found in the spreadsheets. The EHS&T and the IT teams decided to find a better tool to manage all of their EHS information. They wanted an enterprise system that would standardize processes, assure compliance and accountability, provide transparency for audit inquiries back to the source and help drive operational excellence. After a careful evaluation, Enterprise Products selected IHS Essential Suite software, part of the IHS Environmental Performance Solution.

In January 2010, the company kicked off Project ASPECT. “ASPECT” is an acronym that stands for the names of various departments using the solution – Audit, Safety, Pipeline (Transportation Compliance), Environmental, Compliance and Training. The team even created a tag line: “Enterprise Tools for a Proactive ASPECT on Regulatory Compliance.” “As our company has grown over the years, our approach to environmental, health and safety issues evolved,” Nick Schroeder, Manager of Environmental Technical Services at Enterprise Products. “Ten years ago our operations were much smaller and our focus was generally site-specific but after a while we realized that we had to take a more strategic approach to managing our risks. That’s why we launched this project to standardize and centralize management of EHS information enterprise-wide.”

The Challenges

  • Reduce the risk of non-compliance with EHS regulations and standards
  • Eliminate 100s of disparate spreadsheets being used for EHS emissions tracking
  • Assure transparency and accountability back to the source to answer audit inquiries

The Solution

  • IHS Environmental Performance Solution with IHS Essential Suite

The Results

  • Established enterprise EHS system that manages data from 2,763 process units… 5,653 emission models… 18,436 data entry records
  • Managed nearly 13,000 compliance tasks for environmental, safety and transportation in one centralized system
  • Freed up approximately 33% of EHS staff time by leveraging 100s of ops personnel for data entry
  • Achieved 70% decrease in environmental violation notices over 4 years
  • Efficiently assured compliance with GHG rules for 57 sites by leveraging air emissions system
  • Improved EHS data integrity thru standardization and reduced quality review time by 50% with automated validation of data completeness
  • Provided enhanced reporting to executives, Board and investors on EHS performance

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