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Entrepreneurial competencies and entrepreneurial process: a dynamic approach

The purpose of our study is to shed light on some shade zones concerning the conceptualisation of entrepreneurial competencies, within the framework of a processual approach. Specifically, we focus on the identification of the needed competencies by the entrepreneur throughout the process of venture creation. For this, we subscribe to the thesis of Bruyat and Julien (2001), and to the processual approach of Fayolle (2007b), according to which the venture creation process is declined into three stages: release, entrepreneur's commitment and survival – development of the new project. We propose a cognitive approach allowing the enumeration of specific competencies required in each step of the entrepreneurial process.

Keywords: entrepreneurial competencies, entrepreneurial processes, dynamic approaches, learning, shade zones, conceptualisation, processual approaches, entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship, venture creation, new business ventures, Alain Fayolle, Christian Bruyat, Pierre-Andre Julien, commitment, project survival, project development, cognitive approaches, globalisation

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