Envira achieve a double coup!

Envira (“Miljøalliansen”), the alliance of the Norwegian environmental research institutes, has recently launched a brand new Internet portal with new and improved design. It also incorporates a new application, FagArkivet, which makes all the institutes’ research publications searchable from a central interface.

Envira, which is the English name for Miljøalliansen, have greatly improved its web portal from the previous version. It now include better layout, design and a fully functioning English language to complement the Norwegian version. For the aestheticly-minded, the image header is dynamic, giving it a fresh new look at certain intervals.

The portal is also a showcase for the new publication portal called FagArkivet. This is a sophisticated new application designed to make all the institutes’ publications available online from one central interface.

Envira achieve a double coup!

Envira’s main purpose is to combine coordination of research within:

  • Global Environmental Changes (“Global Change”)
  • Water, sea, earth, air and eco systems as a whole (“Earth system integration”)
  • Integrate evaluations of environmental questions (“Integrated assessment”)
  • Environmental information from cradle to grave
  • Maintenance and enlargement of the professional basis of observation

This will, in part be achieved by initiatives like the FagArkivet. With thematic and geographic searches complementing the usual free text search, finding a relevant publication is now easy. And now that the FagArkivet is online, each of the alliance’s seven members will soon make their publications available here for public access.

Envira (Miljøalliansen) is a strategic cooperation between the following research institutes:

  • NILU – Norwegian Institute for Air Research
  • NIBR - Norwegian Institute for Urban & Regional Research
  • NIKU - Norwegian Institute for Cultural Heritage Research
  • NINA - Norwegian Institute for Nature Research
  • NIVA - Norwegian Institute for Water Research
  • Jordforsk - Norwegian Centre for Soil and Environmental Research
  • CICERO - Center for International Climate and Environmental Research
Envira achieve a double coup!

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