Enviro - Septic® Systems Achieve Even Distribution without Pressure Dosing


Courtesy of Presby Environmental Inc. (PEI)

Abstract: Enviro-Septic Systems do not use pressure distribution. Pumps are used only if necessary to gain elevation to the treatment field. Pressure distribution has the potential to disrupt the settling of solids within the pipe. Testing has confirmed that Enviro-Septic^ achieves even distribution throughout the system naturally, through the development of a controlled bacterial treatment layer (ubiomat')t and the unique properties of the surrounding System Sand..

Pressure distribution was developed to solve several issues related to traditional pipe and stone fields (P&S), the first being to provide a more even distribution of wastewater throughout an absorption field. This was accomplished by engineering a low pressure network of small diameter pipes throughout a field with precise small diameter holes drilled at a consistent spacing to control flow rates. By following well-established engineering practices for design, the resulting field will experience an even distribution of effluent. This helps to alleviate any point or area over-loading commonly seen with pipe and stone systems, which can compromise that portion of the field's ability to disperse the effluent.

Another advantage of pressure distribution is its ability to provide a predictable dosing volume. This allows the soils treating the wastewater to maintain a more or less aerobic environment because the biomat is not allowed to stay in a flooded condition, which could lead to anoxic conditions which are not as efficient in digesting suspended solids. It is critical that the biomat, which develops at the stone-soil interface, not be allowed to clog. Clogging is far more likely when the field stays flooded. Because P&S fields are not usually vented, dosing can have a significant effect on field longevity by simply not overloading the soils' ability to provide oxygen to the bacteria treating the wastewater. Oxygen is the key to system life and longevity. It stands to reason that even distribution, controlled dosing volumes and field size work together to ensure the soils will have sufficient oxygen to keep this ecosystem working.

That brings us to how Enviro-Septic achieves the same goals of even distribution and prevention of clogging. First it is important to understand that Enviro-Septic is a treatment system in itself. The pipe has been designed to work in harmony with the soils and biology to create a sustainable, long-term ecosystem. The pipe's geometry, bioaccelerator fabric, surrounding fiber, geo-textile layer, and the bacteria that form on these surfaces, accomplish both even distribution and a high degree of Treatment, which preserves the condition of the surrounding soils and their ability to efficiently disperse liquid.

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