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Environmental Asset Management


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Location: 20+ Sites across the US
Project Start Date: 2008

Element Markets manages emissions compliance for one of the largest private equity firms in the United States. Our client controls several projects that require an array of compliance services, and they rely on our expertise to centrally manage every aspect and to optimize value across their portfolio. Element Markets handles procurement and sales of environmental credits, and provides the client with contract services, optimization strategies, regulatory analysis and regular market updates.

When our client is developing a new project, we are there from the beginning, assisting with budgeting and procuring emission reduction credits. When facilities become operational, we manage annual compliance in Cross-State Air Pollution Rule (CSAPR) and the SO2 acid rain markets. We also help our client sunset facilities that have reached the end of their economic lives, assisting the phase-out by monetizing residal allowances and applying for and monetizing the emission reduction credits once the facility has shut down.

We take pride in expertly managing the many facets of emissions compliance and portfolio optimization, and our client recently validated our dedication by renewing our partnership under a long-term agreement.

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