Environmental Education or Instruction? The charismatic Teacher’s Myth face to a new Challenge: e-Learning.

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In Romania the education / instruction for the adults, including environmental training, has an insignificant extend. In this situation are the traditional learning and e-learning too. For make to become an attractive and profitable form of training, must take some measures, proposed in the work paper below. The education on environment have some peculiar traits.




“Education” means in the same time, our “luggage” received in family through the parents care, and also the knowledge what the school or an other kind of a learning have given us. There are some languages – like Romanian is – using the word “education” only in the first semantic category, and the second is the goal (and the task) of the all methods of extra-family learning.


An old slogan – very precious in the past – said (using the traditional sense of the word): “The school must give us education and instruction in the same time”. In fact, the main character traits of a human been is formed when she or he is five years old1. Of course, the access to PC is impossible to a very little child.. But different types of “distance learning” are used from a century and half, beginning from postal correspondence, then the radio-learning, TV-learning and today this e-learning, full of merits and defaults also.


Many peoples appreciate that the learning process is easier and more pleasant under the benefic influence of a good teacher, full of qualities, able to act no only like an information source, but also like a hypnotic presence, able to transmit a subliminal message leading to curiosity, passion and performance. For these peoples the school of any level is indispensable, and so are the school master, the teacher or the professor. Or maybe the trainer.


The computer and the learning programs online are “inhuman” and its transform the human been in a robot, a simple owner of information. They repeat that the self-control must be preceded by a real, an serious exterior control. The educated persons say like Poincarré; “Une accumulation d'informations n'est pas plus une science qu'un tas de pierres n'est une maison2”. And they add that the computer and the Internet keep the man far of culture, far of the real human values, and even far of the reality.


Some talk about a “PC syndrome”, a new form of neurosis. These see already, in the nearest future, many people of all the ages, emaciate, pale, while carrying heavy glasses and which represent the horrifying pattern of the “civilized” man.

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