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Environmental education using Nek Chand`s Rock Garden in the City of Chandigarh


The aim of this paper was to assess one of the pre-eminent examples of environmental success, Nek Chand's Rock Garden in the City of Chandigarh in India. Environmental education is multidisciplinary in nature with respect to learning and developing knowledge, awareness, attitudes, values and skills. This enables society to contribute more meaningfully to maintaining and improving the quality of its surroundings. Environmental action is the next important step in the process. Unlike other vegetative parks and gardens, Nek Chand's Rock Garden consists of a series of interconnected rocky grottoes, walkways, landscaped waterfalls and thousands of animal and humanoid sculptures made out of discarded materials. In a study on domestic tourists coming to the city, the Rock Garden was found as the most preferred sightseer spot. A mechanism to maintain this garden out of tourism revenue was suggested.

Keywords: Rock Garden, Chandigarh, India, tourists, travel cost method, environmental action, environmental education, sustainable development, public parks, gardens, sustainability education, tourism revenue

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