Environmental health & safety: compliance rules!

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Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S)compliance is fast becoming a major concernthat spans virtually every industry, impactingthe entire supply chain, from raw material andfinished goods to transportation, distribution,and retail. As directors, we are responsible forensuring corporate compliance with a myriadof local, state, federal, and international regulationsgoverning the handling of chemicals andother hazardous materials.

No industry is immune from these requirements.This increased scrutiny is particularlyrelevant for retailers who have a brand to protectand often may not realize that many of theproducts they transport and sell are consideredhazardous. With retail companies under significantpressure to maintain high quality servicewhile cutting costs and reducing loss, it isbecoming more and more challenging for themto manage compliance.

Utilities are under pressure to modernizetheir infrastructure, update transmission linesand equipment, and reform energy regulations.Upstream manufacturers also face a myriad ofregulatory tasks to manage. The research anddevelopment (R&D) function must managenew chemical notifications, product registrations,export notifications and inventoryreporting. Product testing staff need to carryout risk and safety assessments, safety datasheet authoring, and product labeling. Manufacturingoperations staff need to managehazard assessments. These are just a fractionof the compliance tasks facing manufacturers.

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