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Objectives of the Review Checklist

This Review Checklist has been developed as a method for reviewing environmental information submitted by developers, to the competent authorities, as part of an EIA procedure. Its purpose is to assist reviewers in evaluating the completeness and suitability of this information from a technical and decision making viewpoint. In particular it will assist reviewers in deciding whether all relevant information is available to fulfil two main functions:

  • to provide an adequate basis for decision making;
  • to provide information to the public.

The Checklist is not intended to be a tool to verify whether the information provided meets legal requirements. This is only possible in the context of specific Member States' legislation.

The use of the Review Checklist is entirely voluntary. It is not meant to replace any existing review method in the Member States. Reviewers may use it where they consider it helpful. When using it reviewers are free to adapt it to suit local circumstances or to reflect practical experience over time. Some provisions for this have been made in the Checklist.

Review Criteria

The review criteria are organised in eight Review Areas as follows.

1 Description of the Project
2 Outline of Alternatives
3 Description of the Environment
4 Description of Mitigation Measures
5 Description of Effects
6 Non-Technical Summary
7 Difficulties Compiling Information
8 General Approach

Within each Review Area there are Review Questions which identify, in some detail, the items of information which may need to be provided by the developer to the competent authority.

Review Method

In general there are four sequential tasks to be carried out.

  • Firstly, decide which information is relevant in the specific context of the project.
  • Secondly, determine whether there are omissions and/or shortcomings in the information presented.
  • Thirdly, if there are omissions and/or shortcomings, determine which of these are crucial for the decision making process.
  • Fourthly, specify which additional information is required and, where appropriate and feasible, recommend a way of obtaining this information.

The checklist has been designed on the basis of these tasks.

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